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Canon Ink - Inkjet Printer Cartridge Refills

Apple / Canon

BC-01, BC-02, BC-05, BC-06, BC-20, BC-22e, BC-23, BCI-20, BCI-21 & 24 Black, BCI-21 & 24 Color, BCI-22, BCI-23, BCI-3Bk, BCI-3C, BCI-3M, BCI-3Y, BCI-3eBk, BCI-3eC, BCI-3eM, BCI-3ePM, BCI-3ePC, BCI-3eY, BCI-3PBk, BCI-3PC, BCI-3PM, BCI-5Bk, BCI-5C, BCI-5M, BCI-5Y, BCI-5PC, BCI-5PM, BCI-5PY, BCI-6 series, BCI-8Bk, BCI-8C, BCI-8M, BCI-8Y, BCI-8PBk, BCI-8PC, BCI-8PM, BCI-8PY, BCI-60, BCI-61, BCI-62, BJI-201BK HC, BJI-201, BJI-201BK, BJI-201C, BJI-201M, BJI-201Y, BX-02, BX-03 and more...

Faxphone B Series, Deskwriter, Portable Stylewriter, Stylewriter, Stylewriter I, Stylewriter II, Stylewriter 1200, Stylewriter 1500, Stylewriter 2200, Stylewriter 2400, Stylewriter 2500, Color Stylewriter 4100, Color Stylewriter 4500, Color Stylewriter 6500, Color Stylewriter Pro, Apple Stylewriter, Stylewriter Pro.

BJ Series
: 5, 8, 10e, 10sx, 10ex, 20, 100, 200, 200e, 200ex, 230.

BJC Series: 210, 240, 240L, 240P, 250, 251, 255, 600, 600e, 610, 620, 1000, 1010, 3000, 3010, 6000, 8200, 8500, Apple Stylewriter, Stylewriter II, 7000, 7004, 8000, 2000, 2010, 2100, 2100SP, 4000, 4100, 4200, 4200 Black, 4200P, 4300, 4304, 4400, 4550, 5000, 5100, Multipass C2500, C3000, C3500, C5000, C5500.

S Series, I Series, LR Printer
: S200, S300, S330, S400, S400SP, S450, S500, S520, S520D, S530D, S600, S630 Series, S750, S800. S820, S820D, S830S, S900, S9000, I320, I550, I850, I950, Others LR1 Printstation, 6300, 1000SP, C530, C545, C560, C635, Apple Stylewriter 2400, 2500, Multipass 800 B540, B550, B64, C20, F20, F30, F50, F60, F80, C70, C80, C530, C545, and many more...

Note: Very few Canon printers use 6 ink colors (black, cyan, yellow, magenta, photo magenta and photo cyan). The "photo cyan" and "photo magenta" colors do not come with the Uni-Kit refill kits, but are sold separately under the "Bulk Inks" section

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