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Uni-Kit Toner Refill Kit #4

Uni-Kit Uni-Kit Toner Refill Kit #4

The Uni-Kit Toner Refill Kit refills most For Epson, Acer, Adler/Royal, Bezier, Burroughs/Unisys, Citizen, Concorde, DEC/Digital Equipment Corp, Develop, EfaxJetfax, Fujitsu, Minolta, NEC, Olympia, Ominfax, Printer Works, QMS, Star Micronics, Teleautograph up to 2 times (depending on model)!

This item contains:

  • 200 grams Toner
  • 1 funnel cap
  • 1 instruction manual

For a list of printers that can be refilled with this kit and others please see all Uni-Kit Toner Refill Kits


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